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 Park Hill Aquatic Center

 The Aquatic Center renovations are complete!!!!

 We will officially open to the pool to the public on Monday, August 4th.  We will resume our normal business hours;

Monday-Friday 7-1
Monday-Thursday 6:30-9pm
Saturday 9a-6p
Sunday 12-5p

We will not be offering swim lessons to the public during the month of August.  We will resume lessons in September.

We will not be offering water aerobic classes during the week of August 4-10.  We will offer water aerobic classes starting on August 11th.

 That’s all I have right now.  Keep in touch.  Email us.  Ask questions.  We're here to help!  Come visit us next week!!!!

Steven Cooper                                           Tim Wilson
Aquatic Center Director                               Assistant Aquatic Director              

Contact the Park Hill School District:
 7703 NW Barry Road - Kansas City, MO 64153 - (816) 359-4000