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Smart Start Summer Program.pdfSmart Start Summer Program
New Federal Nutrition Standards.pdfNew Federal Nutrition Standards
New Federal Nutrition Standards Comparison.pdfNew Federal Nutrition Standards Comparison
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Breakfast is available daily for $1.25 at the elementary schools and $1.50 at the middle and high schools.
Lunch includes an entree, fruit, vegetable, bread, and milk or juice for $2.20 at the elementary schools and $2.55 at the middle and high schools. Middle and high-school students may also choose an upscale entrĂ©e selection from our premium meals for $2.85.  Ala carte food selections are available and priced individually.  
Adventure Club
Adventure Club, the district's before- and after-school child care program, offers a snack to all participants each day.  

 This Month's Menus

August Adventure Club Snack Menu.pdfAugust Adventure Club Snack Menu
August Congress Breakfast Menu.pdfAugust Congress Breakfast Menu
August Congress Lunch Menu.pdfAugust Congress Lunch Menu
August Elementary Breakfast Menu.pdfAugust Elementary Breakfast Menu
August Elementary Lunch Menu.pdfAugust Elementary Lunch Menu
August Gerner Early Childhood Center Menu.pdfAugust Gerner Early Childhood Center Menu
August Lakeview Breakfast Menu.pdfAugust Lakeview Breakfast Menu
August Lakeview Lunch Menu.pdfAugust Lakeview Lunch Menu
August PHHS Lunch Menu.pdfAugust PHHS Lunch Menu
August PHS Lunch Menu.pdfAugust PHS Lunch Menu
August Plaza Breakfast Menu.pdfAugust Plaza Breakfast Menu
August Plaza Lunch Menu.pdfAugust Plaza Lunch Menu
August Russell Jones Lunch Menu.pdfAugust Russell Jones Lunch Menu

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