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 5th Grade Communication Arts Websites

 Mr. Anker's Test
 Spelling City - Spelling Games

 Storybird - Art-inspired storytelling

 Storyline Online - Online Stories Read by Actors
 Times for Kids

 Wordle - Create Word Clouds from Text

 5th Grade Math Websites



 A Plus Math

 Arcademic Skillbuilders
 Fraction Games 4 Kids
 Fraction Games
 Gamequarium Math Games - Fractions
 Geometry Games - Shapes, Flips and Turns, Symmetry and Much More!
 ixl Math
 Learning Planet - Fractions
 Manga High
 Math Fraction Games
 Math Madness - Addiction, Subtraction, and Multiply Basketball game

 Math Magicians - Practice Addition, Subtraction, Division, and Multiplication facts by number
 OCSD Interactive Games - Practice Coordinates, Degrees of Angle, Estimating, Multiples and much more!
 Place Value
 Sherpards Software - Math Games
 Spacey Math


 Sum Sense Multiplication
 Sum Sense Division
 Volume - 3D Boxes
 Weave Silk
 Xtra Math

 5th Grade Science Websites

 5th Grade Social Studies Websites

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