Academic Achievement Week

Park Hill Celebrates Success with Academic Achievement Week
academic achievement weekHere in the Park Hill district, we have a lot to celebrate about our academic achievement:

Our ACT scores are the highest in Kansas City, Missouri.

For several years, our district-level composite score on the ACT exam has been higher than all the other school districts in the Kansas City, Missouri area. This year, our score of 22.5 is once again the highest in the region on the ACT, which is one of the best measures of students' preparation for their future college or career plans.

Our state test scores are consistently high in every area.
Park Hill scores well on the state MAP test in all subjects, at all grade levels and in all student groups. And we achieve all this while keeping a well-rounded approach to students' education, with a focus not just on test scores but also on electives, fine arts and extra-curricular opportunities.

We have the top social studies scores among similar districts.
Park Hill's social studies MAP scores are the highest among similar districts. Our students are well prepared to be strong contributors to their local, state, national and global communities.

Our students are well prepared for their future college or career plans.
Based on many different measures, going beyond mere test scores to include important job skills, we can see that Park Hill students are well prepared for their future college or career plans.

This Friday, Dec. 2, please help us celebrate by sharing on social media a few academic achievements of which you are most proud, with the hashtag #ParkHillProud.