Naming Schools

Help Name Our New Elementary and Middle School
This is the image for the news article titled Help Name Our New Elementary and Middle SchoolYou are invited to help us name our new schools! Our new elementary school and our new middle school will open in fall 2019.

Suggest a Name for Our Middle School
Suggest a Name for Our Elementary School

Our name recommendation committees will take all the names you suggest and all the names our students suggest and narrow them down, using the criteria the Board of Education set:
  • Name will stand the test of time.
  • Name will be an inspiration to students.
  • Name will unify, not divide the district and community.
  • Name could have geographic or landmark significance.
  • Name could have a historical background.
  • Name will not be based on cities, townships or municipalities.
  • Name will not be similar to another school in the area.
  • Name will not be after a living person.

The committees will take three name suggestions for each school to the Board, which will select the final names for the schools.

We will accept name suggestions through Friday, Dec. 1.


  • October 2017 – Board adopts naming criteria
  • November 2017 – We solicit name suggestions, form recommendation committees
  • December 2017 and January 2018 – Name recommendation committees meet
  • February 2018 – Committees present submissions to the Board (first read)
  • March 2018 – Board votes on names

Name Submissions: 
In addition to online suggestions from the public, each elementary and middle school will ask students for suggestions and allow students to help select a name to submit to the name recommendation committees.

Name Recommendation Committees: 

The name recommendation committees, which will include parents, students, staff and community members, will both meet twice. 

The groups will go over submissions, add any others they would like and narrow the list down to ten using the criteria set by the Board. Then the committees will discuss and vote on the final three names, which they will take to the Board.