Safety Measures

District Shares Safety Measures and Crisis Response Plans
This is the image for the news article titled District Shares Safety Measures and Crisis Response PlansFollowing the tragedy in Parkland, Florida, our hearts broke to see the loss of lives at school. While it is frightening to realize that we can never guarantee complete safety, we take our responsibility very seriously to do everything we can to keep our students and staff safe.

This is why we work so hard on efforts like renovations and improvements to limit access to our schools, training to help our staff support the mental health of our students, and constantly updated crisis prevention and response plans. We appreciate the support of our local emergency responders and mental health professionals, who work with us regularly on these safety efforts.

Maintaining safety is an ongoing process. Here are our next steps:
  • Improved security and access control at front entrances of all schools

  • We will reconfigure our high-school entrances to make them more secure.

  • We will hire a safety expert to help guide our work of keeping students, staff and visitors safe in all of our classrooms and buildings. We will work with our new safety official to identify and implement other strategies to keep our schools safe.
The most important thing we do to keep our people safe is keep the lines of communication open. You can help us with this by letting us know if you hear of anything suspicious or alarming, and encouraging students to do the same.

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