Non-School Days

Below is a list of the non-school days has been updated for the 2017/18 school year.  These dates are for students that are enrolled in Adventure Club, Prime Time or the Non-School Day Only program. These days include school holidays, conferences, half days and inclement weather for elementary and middle school students. Students are provided a safe, supervised, fun-filled environment in which they will experience arts & crafts, special projects, games, recreation, field trips, tours and much more.

Non-School Days 2017/18

(Program open/sack lunch needed)
September 29
October 13
October 26
October 27
November 22
December 22 * 1/2 day
December 28
December 29
January 2
January 15
March 16
March 19
March 20
March 21
April 13
May 30  (last day of school, *1/2 day)

No Service on the following dates

August 11
August 14
September 4
November 23
November 24
December 25
December 26
December 27
January 1
February 19
March 22
March 23
May 28

Inclement Weather Days

If school is cancelled because of inclement weather, Adventure Club and Prime Time will be open. All students will go to their home school. Please send a sack lunch and drink with your child on all Non-School and inclement weather days.

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