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Requesting Records

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In accordance with law and with district policy, we provide access to district records for inspection or copying.


As a general rule, you will be charged, in accordance with law, for the costs of copies and for the time spent researching, locating and copying the requested records. You will be required to pay all estimated costs prior to receiving the records.

The district will charge fees for copying, duplicating time and research time. Copying fees shall not exceed ten (10) cents per page for a paper copy not larger than nine (9) by 14 inches. The hourly fee for duplicating time will not exceed the average hourly rate of pay for clerical staff of the district. Research time required for fulfilling records requests may be charged at the actual cost of the research time. The district will produce the copies using the employees that result in the lowest amount of charges for search, research and duplication time.

Fees for providing access to computer records, recorded tapes, disks, videotapes, films, pictures, maps, slide graphics, illustrations or similar audio or visual items shall include only the cost of copies, staff time and the cost of the disk, tape or other medium used for the duplication. Charges for staff time will not exceed the average hourly rate of pay for staff of the district required for making copies and programming, if necessary. Fees may include the actual costs of programming if programming is required beyond the customary and usual level to comply with a request for records or information.

You may request an estimate of the cost prior to the district researching, compiling and copying the records. You may also request that the anticipated fees be waived or reduced. A written request for a fee waiver or reduction must be submitted to the Superintendent or designee at the time the records are requested. The Superintendent or designee may waive or reduce the fee based on criteria set forth in Board Policy BDDL.

Response Time

District staff will respond to your request within three (3) business days following the day we receive your request. If you do not receive access within three (3) days, you will be given a reason for the delay. Please understand that you may not receive access to all records requested if the records are closed and confidential under state or federal law.

Records Request

If you would like access to district records, please fill out the form completely to assist us in accurately responding to your request.

Then send it to our district's custodian of records, Opal Hibbs, by email or at 7703 NW Barry Road, Kansas City, MO, 64153. Mrs. Hibbs can be reached at (816) 359-4050 if you have questions.

Before you take the time to fill out this form, check this district website. The information you are looking for might already be posted online.

Form to request records (PDF)