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Get the Lead Out

Ensuring Safe Drinking Water

Per the Missouri Get the Lead Out of School Drinking Water Act, a new law to ensure safe drinking water in all school districts throughout the state, the district hired a professional environmental consulting firm to conduct lead testing for all drinking and food preparing (cooking/cleaning) water sources in our school buildings. Read our Sampling and Analysis Plan

The district’s facilities staff identified sources that could potentially be utilized for drinking water by students and faculty. The following sources are included in the inventory:

  • Drinking fountains with single bubbler,
  • Drinking fountain with multiple bubblers,
  • Drinking fountains with a bubbler and bottle filler,
  • Bathroom sinks,
  • Breakroom sinks,
  • Built-in or wall mounted sinks in classrooms,
  • Exterior spigots,
  • Ice machines,
  • Hot drink machines,
  • Kitchen sinks for food preparation,
  • Kitchen pot fillers,
  • Kitchen sinks for hand washing,
  • Kitchen sinks used for pot and utensil cleaning, and
  • Dishwashing equipment (sprayers included).

In total, the district tested more than 2,450 water sources throughout the district.

This webpage is designed to keep the Park Hill community informed about the safety of our water systems.

Get the Lead out of School Drinking Water

Missouri Senate Bill 681

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

Tips For Schools (PDF)

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