Online Verification & Residency

What is Online Verification and Residency?

Using our quick and easy online application system, parents of returning students will verify their students╩╝ demographic, health, emergency contact and residency information for the 2020-2021 school year.

Verification is open!

Who is eligible?

All families with returning students will be required to complete online verification. Only a legal guardian living with a student can verify that student. The link is now available in the Parent Portal! Simple sign in, click More, then click Online Verification and Residency to complete your form. 

Are you a NEW family trying to enroll your students in Park Hill for the first time? Check out Online Enrollment.


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Accurate Information

You will be able to see the information the district already has for your
household and make any necessary changes yourself. This means less room for errors and more efficient updating of information.

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Fiscally Responsible

We always want to make the most of every dollar for our families. When we have accurate and up-to-date information, we can make sure our resources are being shared wisely across our many schools and programs.

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Save Time

Filling out and entering paper forms is time consuming, both for you and for our office staff. The online verification system is already pre-populated with all information we have for your family, so you only need to enter any changes. 

icon of recycling logoEnvironmentally Friendly

Imagine the amount of paper it takes to verify and register more than 11,000
students. With online verification and residency, you'll be helping make the district and the whole community more green.


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If you have questions or need assistance with accessing the Parent Portal, filling out the verification form or uploading residency documents, please contact your student's school building. 

What Information Do I Need?

You will need to be prepared to verify or provide the following:
  • Household information -- address and phone numbers
  • Parent information -- work and cell phone numbers, email addresses
  • Student information -- demographic and health/medication information
  • Emergency Contact -- phone numbers
  • If your student is entering 8th or 12th grade, current immunization information
  • Proof of residency information:
    • A current, signed rental agreement, mortgage statement, or paid 2019 real estate tax receipt
    • A current utility bill (gas, water, electric) upon which the parent or guardian’s address is printed and dated within the last 60 days. Final or disconnect notices will not be accepted.

Proof of residency documents can be uploaded directly into the verification application if you have a digital copy. Hint: try taking a clear photo of the document with your smartphone or tablet; or, many banks and utility companies offer digital versions of these documents.

If you are not able to upload your proof of residency, you must still fill out the online verification form. You may bring in your documents once the school buildings reopen, or contact your school office for alternate delivery methods. For more information about residency, visit our Residency page

What if I don't have....

A Parent Portal Account

Contact your student's school office staff to get signed up for the Portal. Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there may be a delay in responses to messages.

If you have an account but have forgotten your username or password, you can use the "Forgot your username?" and "Forgot your password?" links on the Portal sign-in page. You can find more information about the Parent Portal here

A computer at home or internet access

You can complete online verification from a smartphone or tablet, although we recommend using a laptop or desktop for the larger screen size.

Once the buildings reopen, each school will have computers available in the front office for online verification, and staff members will be trained to assist families and answer any questions. Please remember to bring any required documents with you when you visit the building.