2017-2018 Awards

2017-2018 Awards
Academic Teams' Honors
ACT Composite Score
2017 All-District Honors
2017 All-State
Annual Staff Awards
Art Awards
2018 Art Festival
Local Art Recognition
Assistant Principal Award
2018 Behavior Awards
2018 Blue Star Nominations
2018 Board Awards
Bridge-building Award
Broadcast Awards
Budget Award
2018 Cappies Awards
2018 Cappies Nominations
2018 Chamber Banquet Honorees
2017 Choir Honors
Coach Awards
Counselor Awards
Counseling Program Awards
Cross Country Champions
Dance Champions
Dance Honors
2018 DAR Awards
2018 DECA
DECA State Honors
Director Award
Distinguished Certification
District Music Honors
2018 Duke TIP
Energy Award
Evelyn Gates Award
FACS Honors
Fall Journalism Awards
Food Safety Awards
Football Awards
French Teacher Award
Geography Bee
Heisman Winner
2018 International DECA
2018 JEMKC
Journalism Honor Roll
KC Scholars Awards
Key Club Honor
2018 Large Ensemble Honors
Literacy Award
2018 Middle School Music Honors
2018 Missouri Scholars 100
2018 Missouri Scholars Academy
2018 National Debate Honors
National Choir Honor
National Football Honor
2018 National Merit
National PTA Award
National Wrestling Honor
Perfect Score
PSA Award
2018 PTA Reflections
Reading Instruction Award
Regional Journalism Honor
Research Honor
Robot Award
Robotics Teams
Scholar Bowl Honors
Service Awards Banquet
Soccer Champions
Soccer Teams' GPA Awards
2018 Speech and Debate
Special Olympics Partner
2018 Spelling Bee
2018 SkillsUSA
2018 Starlight Award
2018 State Debate Honors
State FCCLA Honor
State Journalism Honors
2018 State Music Honors
2018 State SkillsUSA
Swim Coach Award
Tennis Champion
Track and Field Champions
Volleyball Academic Award
Volleyball Coach Award
Volleyball GPA Honor
Wrestling Champion
2018 Yearbook Honor
2018 Youth with Vision