Tech Damage & Insurance

General Damage Information

The parent/guardian is responsible for the cost of repair or replacement if a laptop or its accessories are damaged, not returned, lost, or stolen. We offer optional insurance to grades 5-12 to help reduce the cost of any needed repairs. For the 20-21 school year, grades K-4 are automatically enrolled in the insurance program with the premium cost waived.  

Damage to district devices should be reported within two days. Technology staff will perform periodic inspections to ensure no damage goes unreported. Incidents which result in laptop damage involving multiple students will be investigated by building administration to determine fault.

Insurance Details

Parents of students in grades 5-12 choose to accept or deny insurance coverage during enrollment or verification. The premium payment is due 30 days from when the student begins to attend school. If you deny insurance coverage or do not pay the premium within the time allowed, all damages will be charged at cost.

The optional insurance has an initial one time premium of $50 which grants coverage for the full school year. A deductible of $50 will then apply for each damage incident, and all costs over the deductible will be covered by the school. Please examine the chart carefully for a full explanation of the costs involved.

Optional Annual Insurance

$50 premium for full year coverage
$25 for free/reduced program participants

Claims and Deductibles

$50 damage deductible per incident
$150 deductible for stolen(police report required) or irreparably damaged laptop

Items Below Insurance Deductible (charged at cost)

$20 charger/power adapter
$10 pen/stylus
$20 protective sleeve

Items Not Covered by Insurance

Damage due to dishonest, fraudulent, malicious, or criminal acts, or use not in accordance with district policies and procedures.
Additional damages due to failure to protect device from further harm after initial damage occurs.
Disappearance of device not reported to law enforcement or loss due to negligence
Failure to return device or accessories at the end of school or prior to leaving the district.
$25 fee for removal or damage to asset tags and other official labels.
$25 cleaning fee for laptops that have been drawn, painted, or marked on, defaced, or had unapproved stickers attached. School approved stickers are acceptable.

Damage Costs Without Insurance

A chart of the most common damages and their repair costs can be found on page 15 of the One-to-One Student/Parent Laptop Handbook (PDF).