Student Data Privacy

Security Policy

The Park Hill School District and the Department of Technology believe that data privacy and security is crucial to the safety of our community in our increasingly connected world. We have been entrusted with private information about our staff and students and we will protect this data and the trusted relationship with our users to the utmost of our ability. 

Board of Education Policy EHBC - Data Governance and Security (PDF)
Board of Education Regulation JO-R : Student Records (PDF)
Notification of Privacy Rights under PPRA (PDF)

Park Hill School District is a CoSN certified Trusted Learning Environment, which signifies that we have taken strong and measurable steps to help ensure the privacy of student data. Learn more about the TLE Seal here.
Trusted Learning Environment Seal image

Digital Tools and Applications in the Classroom

Protecting Our Students

Our teachers strive to provide students with a robust and meaningful classroom experience, which often includes the use of various web-based technology tools, applications, and services. In order to ensure our student, staff and district data is kept secure and confidential, each application must be vetted by the Department of Technology. This allows the Department of Technology to evaluate the application’s privacy policy, terms of service, technical quality, accuracy, etc., and allows teachers to focus on using the approved applications in their classrooms.

Approved and Recommended Applications

As each course, classroom, and teacher has unique technology needs, it is important that teachers and students have input when choosing which applications meet their educational needs. This is why our vast list of approved applications may include many programs that have similar functionality, and newly approved applications are constantly being added. The Department of Technology believes that having an extensive list of approved applications will allow teachers to choose the application that best meets the needs of their classrooms.

Approved Applications List

Note: listed applications may collect usage information in order to improve their service and track users activity on their website. This data is usually anonymous and may include items such as page views, time spent on site, traffic source, browser type, IP address, and any information entered into the site by the user. Please view the application’s privacy policy for specific information.