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Park Hill Online Learning

Our program's purpose is to offer quality online learning courses in order to SERVE A VARIETY OF STUDENT SCHEDULING NEEDS and prepare students for LEARNING BEYOND HIGH SCHOOL.

Online Courses

Park Hill School District is proud to offer high school students a multitude of online courses to prepare students for future learning beyond high school and to provide flexibility in students’ schedules. Our online courses are aligned with Park Hill School District’s vision for student learning and strive to provide a community of learners within the digital learning space. Online course offerings for the 2020-2021 school year are listed along with the face-to-face courses in the HS Career and Educational Planning Guide.

Park Hill online courses are primarily facilitated through the district’s learning management system (Schoology), with required face-to-face meetings throughout the semester. Courses are taught by certified teachers and meet the same national, state, and district standards as other Park Hill course offerings.

Online offerings at LEAD use both Schoology and Summit Learning to deliver course content, track student progress, and communicate with students and parents.

Enrollment Process

During the regular enrollment process, students may select online courses from the Park Hill School District offerings. Enrollment is handled with the counselor and placed on student schedules as all other courses within the district. Counseling department members are available to assist students and parents through the enrollment process.

Students are encouraged to discuss course offerings and best options as they make possible selections. Online learning can be a positive experience for many students and is encouraged for those students who are seeking flexibility and are self-motivated. It is our recommendation students enroll in no more than one online course each semester.

Students wishing to enroll in online courses outside the district, visit the Missouri Course Access Program section for information, required processes, and district board policies.

 see High School Career and Planning Guide

High School Online Courses

All Current Courses are Listed in the High School Career and Planning Guide.

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Student access to Schoology, email, and other digital resources needed for online learning.