Missouri Course Access Program

Missouri Course Access Program Information & Process

In 2018, Senate Bill 603 was passed establishing the Missouri Course Access and Virtual School Program (MOCAP). MOCAP is intended to provide access to online courses for all Missouri K-12 students needing flexible academic programming through online coursework.

Online instruction can be an effective education option for some students and Park Hill will continue to offer a variety of online courses to meet student needs. As an alternative option, however, eligible students may request to enroll in online courses offered through MOCAP during the regular enrollment window. The Park Hill School District process is outlined below.

  1. Students wishing to enroll in a course offered outside of the Park Hill School district should contact their counselor to discuss the available options and obtain the necessary form. The counselor will work with each individual student to find the right course option(s) based on the student four-year plan and the district approved vendors.

  2. The district will pay the costs of an online course only if the district has first approved the student's enrollment in the course as described in the district board policy. Even if a student or his or her parents/guardians pay the costs for an online course, the student or parents/guardians should meet with the counselor prior to enrollment to ensure that the course is consistent with the student's academic and personal goals.

  3. Students taking courses online are subject to district policies, procedures and rules applicable to students enrolled in traditional courses including, but not limited to, the district's discipline code and prohibitions on academic dishonesty, discrimination, harassment, bullying and cyberbullying.


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Students and parents/guardians wishing to initiate enrollment in courses outside of district offerings must contact the school counseling department at the student's home school.


2019-20: Requests for MOCAP courses will follow the district enrollment period. Our enrollment period for the 2019-20 school year is now closed. At this time, any circumstance which falls outside the standard online course request must begin at the student's home school for review.

2020-21: Students may now request online courses for the 2020-21 school year. Requests may be submitted through January 31st, 2020.
 Requests must be submitted to the student's counselor. Download the form below or obtain one from the counseling department.

MOCAP Request Form

Schedule Changes

Students enrolled in an online course that do not make adequate progress within 10 days of the term will be dropped from the MOCAP Courses. Likewise, after an initial 10 day grace period, schedule changes will not be accepted and students will need to remain in the MOCAP online course(s) the remainder of a term unless approved by administration.

MOCAP Online Learning Responsibilities

Online Course Enrollment Sequence
  1. Students select the Park Hill online course offerings when possible. These courses are taught by Park Hill teachers and are NCAA approved. Park Hill courses align with the face-to-face equivalent courses and have been developed by district content experts. Click on the Online Learning page to learn more.

  2. If a student needs a course outside of the district and the course is part of the student four-year plan, the student may select a course offering from the approved list provided by the counselor. At this time, the preferred vendors providing outside courses are Edgenuity and Launch. All courses will be taught by a certified Missouri instructor.

  3. If a course is not provided by Edgenuity or Launch, the school counseling team and district online learning program facilitator will determine the best course(s) and vendor offered by MOCAP and provide enrollment. Students enrolled online may not change providers in the middle of a term. 

Board Policy

  1. Virtual Courses Board Policy IGCD: Adopted Jan. 10, 2019

  2. Best Educational Determination: IGCD-AP1 Adopted Jan. 10, 2019

  3. Determination Form and Appeals Information: Adopted Jan. 10, 2019