2018-2019 Awards

2019 National SkillsUSA Honors
Debate Teacher Honor
2019 Debate Teacher Award
2019 National Debate Honor
Communication Award
2019 Service Awards Banquet
Top ACT Scores
2019 Art Exhibit Honors
2018 All-State Honors
Art Exhibit Honors
2018 Art Honors
2019 Art and Writing Honors
Assistant Principal Award
2019 Behavior Support Award
2019 Best Daily Live Show
2019 Blue Star Nominations
2019 Boys and Girls State
2019 Budget Award
Bully Prevention
Cappies Awards
2019 Cappies Nominations
2019 Choir Honors
2018 Choir Honors
2019 Communications Award
Communications Award
2019 Computing Award
DECA Officer
2019 Dell Scholar
Distinguished Principal Award
Distinguished Service Award
2019 District Art Festival
2019 District Music Honors
2019 Duke TIP Honors
2019 Excellence in Education
Exemplary New Principal
2019 Geography Bee
2019 Good Citizen Award
Hall of Fame Dinner
Horatio Alger Scholarship Award
International HOSA
2019 International DECA
2019 JEMKC Honors
2019 Journalism Honors
Leadership Conference
2019 Leadership Honors
Life Achievement Award
Marching Band Honors
Math and Science Recognition
Middle School Music Honors
2019 Middle School Music Honors
2019 Missouri Fine Arts Academy
2019 Missouri Public Affairs
2019 Missouri Scholars 100
2019 Missouri Scholars Academy
Library Grant
2018 Music Honors
National Art and Writing Honors
2018 National Journalism Honors
National Merit Honors
National Speech Honor
2019 Perfect AP Score
2018 PSA Award
2018 PTA Award
2019 PTA Reflections Honors
QuestBridge Finalists
2019 Show Opening Award
2019 SkillsUSA District Honors
2019 SkillsUSA State Honors
Soccer Coach Award
2019 Speech and Debate Honors
2019 Spelling Bee Honors
State Counselor Awards
2019 State DECA Honors
2019 State HOSA
State Speech and Debate Honors
2019 State Journalism Honors
2019 State Music Awards
2019 Student Pillar Award
2019 Robotics Championship
Robotics Championship
Robotics Teams
2019 Track Champions
Volunteer Award
2019 Wrestling Champion