Late Start Info


Starting with this school year, we might announce a two-hour delayed start for students if there are dangerous weather, temperature or road conditions in the morning that are forecasted to improve later in the day. Families overwhelmingly told us in our calendar survey that they wanted this option to help prevent adding days to the end of the school year. 

If we announce a delayed start for students, school will start two hours after normal time at every school, and morning bus pick-up times will be two hours after the normal pick-up times. School will end at its normal time, and afternoon bus drop-off times will be the same as usual.

If a parent or guardian believes, based on personal circumstances, that conditions pose a safety concern for their child to get to or from school, they can call the school for an excused absence.


No early drop-off:
Students must be dropped off at school two hours later on delayed-start days.

Adventure Club:
Adventure Club will still be available at the regular times for those families who are already signed up to use Adventure Club every day. Since this is not a full snow day, Adventure Club will not be available for families who signed up to use it only on snow days.

Tuition Preschool:
Tuition preschool will still be available at the regular times for those families who are already signed up.

The Bridges program will be canceled on delayed-start days.

Professional Studies programs:
Morning Professional Studies programs will be canceled. This includes the Northland Career Center, Northland CAPS, Metropolitan Community College’s Business and Technology program, and all Park Hill Professional Studies courses. Afternoon Professional Studies programs will still take place. 

School meals will be available at all schools. Breakfast will be a grab-and-go option.

Field trips and extracurricular activities: 
Activities and field trips during the school day that require transportation will be canceled. After-school activities will be decided by the school.

Early release days: 
If we have a delayed start on a day scheduled for early release, there will be no early release that day.

Your school’s schedule:
Each school has a plan for how to handle a delayed-start day for students. If you have questions about certain classes or schedule changes, check with your child’s school.

Staff members:
We expect staff members to report at their regular times. Staff members could be asked to help with duties during the delay.


When we will notify you:
We will try to let you know about a late start for students by 5:30 a.m. 

How we will notify you:
We will send out the notice of the late start for students using several communications: