Board Member: Bart Klein

Bart Klein

8612 N. Oregon Ave.
Kansas City, MO 64154
(816) 520-2800

Joined Board: 2014
Current Term: 2020-2023

About Me:

I am a lifetime resident of the Northland and have lived in Platte County since 1996. My wife Holly and I have two wonderful daughters, Courtney and Kenzie. I graduated from the University of Central Missouri with a degree in business administration and data processing.

For the past eight years, I have supported the computer information systems department at the University of Central Missouri as a curriculum advisor. Additionally, for the last seven years, I assisted the North Kansas City School District in reviewing their information technology demands. My established background in supporting higher education, combined with my professional career in finance and information technology, allows me to address the challenges facing the district.

Currently employed in the information technology organization for a regional bank located in the Midwest, I have had significant management and executive oversight for a number of corporate-wide initiatives. Those experiences will be extremely beneficial in my role on the Park Hill Board of Education.

The Best Thing About the Park Hill Schools:

We are so fortunate to live in one of Missouri’s top school districts. Our students continue to achieve national rankings in education and extracurricular activities that will help ensure they have the 21st century skills required to achieve successful and productive futures once they leave Park Hill.

We all live in a community that supports education and fully understands the benefits of having a high-quality school district. That in turn attracts new families and business opportunities to our community, further enhancing our neighborhoods and economy.

The Most Rewarding Experience as a Member of the Board:

On the first day of the school year for the Park Hill School District, I was fortunate enough to visit eight of our schools. Seeing the children bright-eyed and excited for a new school year helped reinforce why I wished to be a member of the board. Talking with many of our revered teaching and administrative staff further encouraged my desire to help ensure Park Hill delivers the best education value for our community and taxpayers.

Having recently been elected to the school board by the community, I was able to meet with a great number of our patrons who shared their concerns and hopes for the district. I am so fortunate to have won their support and I fully appreciate the trust they have given me.

Critical Issues Facing Park Hill:

Funding of our schools continues to be a huge factor for the district. Recent actions by the state legislature have significantly called into question how our schools will be funded by the state. The Board must be aware and able to address the impact of any revenue changes that could have an effect upon the quality of education the district provides.

Our community continues to attract new families and businesses, which is a wonderful thing! This trend has remained constant over the years, and many of our schools have record enrollments year after year. Several of our schools appear to be approaching their maximum capacity, and we will soon need to address how we configure our schools and classrooms to address the current and future forecasted student population growth.

There are more than 20 different first languages spoken by students in the Park Hill School District. We must continue to build an educational environment that is warm and inclusive for those students and all Park Hill families.

The security of our students and faculty will continue to be a significant issue the Board must vigilantly monitor and address. This is an ongoing process, in which the district continually seeks the advice from law enforcement, district staff, parents and other school districts to ensure we are providing the safest environment possible for our students and teachers.