Academic Services Department

Assistant Superintendent for Academic Services
Dr. Mike Kimbrel
Dr. Mike Kimbrel

(816) 359-6804

Dr. Mike Kimbrel is responsible for curriculum, assessment, instruction, professional development, special services programs and support service programs. Dr. Kimbrel came to Park Hill in 2010 as the director of research, evaluation and assessment and became assistant superintendent on July 1, 2020.

Director of Educational Programs
Dr. Stephanie Amaya
(816) 359-6803

Director of Elementary Education

Dr. Jasmine Briedwell
(816) 359-4031

Director of Assessment
Dr. Christina Courtney
(816) 359-6962

Director of Special Services 
Dr. Chris Daniels 
(816) 359-4032

Director of Secondary Education
Dr. Jaime Dial
(816) 359-6602

Coordinator for Educational Programs
Dr. Andrew Schuerman
(816) 359-5652