Schoology Parent Access

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Schoology is an integrated learning management solution used by many Park Hill teachers. It serves as a “digital hub” to keep things organized and easily accessible, allowing students to connect with the digital content at school and from home via the internet. This content will vary depending on what is occurring in each classroom, but it may contain important announcements, internet links, presentations, digital resources and even assignments, quizzes, and discussion boards.

Schoology also gives access to parents who want to view the digital content in their student's courses. If you would like to set up an account, please follow the set up instructions in the guide below. To learn more about how to navigate once your account is established, check out our Parent's Guide to Schoology.

Please note that not all teachers use Schoology or utilize all of its features, so speak with your student's teacher(s) if you have specific questions about classroom content.

Schoology Set Up Guide (PDF)Parent's Guide to Schoology (PDF)