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Volunteers are important to the success of the Park Hill School District, and we appreciate their service to our schools. In order to keep our children safe, all volunteers who will be around students without an employee present must be screened. Thank you for making a difference for our students, and thank you for helping us keep our students safe.

Please note that to volunteer in our schools, you must coordinate with school administrators to see whether there is a volunteer position open for you.

If you have questions about the volunteer screenings, contact Cindy Small at 816-359-4070.

Screened Volunteers:

Any volunteer who will be alone with students must have a full screening, which includes a criminal background check, a check of the child abuse and neglect registry, and a check of the sexual offender registry.

Visitors who will never be alone with students will not need a full background screening, but they will use our sign-in process, which checks the sexual offender registry.

If you completed a background check with Park Hill before March 2020, you must do it again, because the earlier screening process did not include the criminal background check. If you completed a background check in April 2020 or later, your screening is good indefinitely.

All volunteers must read and agree to the rules in our policy and procedure, and each volunteer will sign in and reaffirm the rules each time they arrive at a school to volunteer.

The district will receive updates if a volunteer’s screening status changes. Someone’s volunteer status can change at any time. 

The district must pay a fee of $42.75 for each background check, as required by the state. If you would like to donate to help defray this expense, please enclose a check made out to the Park Hill School District for this amount with your screening form. This donation is not required.

The screening process can take up to two weeks or longer, depending on the time of year.  Please be aware of this when submitting your application in anticipation of volunteering for specific events.

Info for Raptor

I understand that if I will be alone with one or more students, I must have a full screening on file with the Park Hill School District.

I understand I must keep confidential any private information I learn about students.

I understand I must also follow these rules:

  1. Volunteers must follow the same dress code applicable to students.
  2. Volunteers will not lend money or bring gifts other than stickers and greeting cards to individual students unless authorized by the building principal or designee.
  3. Volunteers will not transport students.
  4. Volunteers will not photograph or videotape students unless authorized by the building principal or designee.
  5. Volunteers will not date students, have sexual relationships with students or arrange to meet students outside the regular school day or during school-sponsored events or activities. The district expects all adult volunteers to maintain the same professional boundaries with students that are expected of staff members, as detailed in policy GBH.
  6. Volunteers will not dress students, change diapers, provide personal hygiene assistance, or supply medication to students.
  7. Volunteers will use universal precautions to avoid contact with body fluids.
  8. Volunteers will receive district policies and procedures on computer use and will sign an authorized user form prior to having access to the district’s computers.
  9. In accordance with district policy, volunteers will not discriminate against or harass any person and will report all harassment or discrimination observed.
  10. Volunteers will not search students or student property.
  11. Volunteers will not direct a student to remove an emblem, insignia, or garment, including a religious emblem, insignia or garment. If the volunteer believes a student’s clothing is disruptive or promotes disruptive behavior, the volunteer will contact a staff member immediately.
  12. Volunteers must sign in and out of the office when entering or leaving the school and must document the hours volunteered in the school.
  13. Volunteers must report suspected cases of abuse or neglect to the building principal.
  14. Volunteers will follow all the policies, procedures and other rules established in the district and all applicable laws.


Cindy Small

Volunteer Documents

Please print the volunteer packet, complete the forms and return them to the Park Hill communication services department.

You can get paper copies of these forms from your school or from the district office.

Volunteer packet (PDF)