COVID-19 Cases in Park Hill

COVID-19 cases

covid-19 interactive dashboard 

This updated, interactive dashboard includes our number of new COVID-19 cases by week, our new quarantine numbers by week, and our consideration matrix, which helps us determine when to move between learning modes. 
To see the full-screen version of the dashboard, you can click this button  below or use this link. If you are using a mobile device, we recommend viewing the full-screen version and turning it sideways to see the charts.

Dashboard Details:

  • Our on-campus numbers will include people exposed at away games and other district-sponsored activities. 

  • We update our data on Mondays.
  • In order to better protect privacy, we will combine students and staff together and we will list district-wide data.

  • We have 11,709 students in Park Hill, based on the official enrollment count from last school year.

  • We have 1,866 staff members in Park Hill, not including substitutes. We will only include substitutes if there is an issue while they are in one of our buildings.

  • To give a better picture of our Park Hill community, we will include Park Hill Online students in our numbers. Some of these students might participate in activities.

  • Our numbers will include students and staff members who were exposed outside of a Park Hill school or facility. 

  • For data from across the Kansas City region, see the Mid-America Regional Council's data dashboard

information About COVID-19 Cases

This plan is likely to change as more information becomes available and as we continue to follow the latest guidance of public health officials. We will notify you when we update our plans.

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Last update: April 5