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Bond Project Updates

Projects From the April 2022 Ballot Propositions

On April 5, 2022, Park Hill voters approved Proposition I and Proposition N. With no tax rate increase, these propositions allow us to maintain the community's investment in our facilities and bring them up to date. They also let us build a 12th elementary to help us move students out of classroom trailers and maintain class sizes. And they help us maintain our high-quality school operations, including keeping our staff salaries competitive, so we can recruit and retain the best teachers and support staff.

We will post project updates on this page as our plans progress.


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April - June 2022

  • Once voters approved Proposition I and Proposition N on the April 5 ballot, we could start to spend money on planning and designing the projects.
  • On April 28, the Board of Education asked for a master plan sequencing the projects, to be presented at the July 28 Board meeting. We began determining the most efficient, effective way to sequence the projects, with some help from architects and construction experts.
  • Supply chain and equipment issues delayed projects that were to begin right away, such as Park Hill High School’s upper gym and weight room air conditioning. The maintenance and improvements projects that are underway are not from bond funds; they are part of our regular, pre-planned maintenance cycle.
  • At the June 23 Board meeting, the district presented the budget, which includes projects from the April 2022 ballot propositions.

July 2022

  • At the July 28 Board meeting, the district presented the plan for sequencing the projects. The Board was able to offer feedback to improve the plan.

August - September 2022

  • At the August 11 Board meeting, the district received approval for the plan sequencing the projects.
  • The district will begin the process to select architects and a construction manager.

  • The district will begin to build design teams and to get input from staff and the community on upcoming projects.

October - December 2022

  • Identifying and choosing architects and construction management firms.


Fall 2022 Project Overview Timeline

List of upcoming bond projects by date


Project Overviews

Click on the images to learn highlights of the projects from the April 2022 ballot propositions.


What's In It for Your School?

Click on the images to learn highlights of the projects from the April 2022 ballot propositions that will impact your school.