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State Solo and Ensemble Festival

State Solo and Small Ensemble text high school logos

Band and orchestra students from Park Hill High School, Park Hill South and LEAD Innovation Studio, competed against students from schools throughout Missouri at the State Solo and Ensemble Festival recently. We are #ParkHillProud of their outstanding performances, making them the best in the state.

Park Hill High School

  • Kai Wen Soo - Piano Solo
  • Nathan Chen  - Violin Solo
  • Yosep Maeng - Violin Solo
  • Layla Nelson - Piccolo Solo
  • James Barrie - Oboe Solo
  • Meredith Bell - Clarinet Solo
  • Jessica Yu - Clarinet Solo
  • Elisha-Daniel Agbor  - Alto Saxophone Solo
  • Hayden Nelson - Alto Saxophone Solo 
  • West McElhany - Tenor Saxophone Solo
  • Erik Mason - French Horn Solo
  • James Price - Trombone Solo
  • Dylan House - Euphonium Solo
  • Ethan Hurd - Euphonium Solo
  • Colleen Dockins - Marimba Solo
  • Saxophone Quartet: Elisha-Daniel Agbor, Miranda Grantham, West McElhany, Hayden Nelson
  • Trumpet Quartet: Morgan Hartkopp, Tyler Stevens, Nicole Apraiz, Joshua Yu
  • Brass Quintet: Liam Funk, Ethan Hurd, Braden McDonald, Erik Mason, Collin Peterson
  • Percussion Ensemble: Lily Gonzales, Yadon Netherland, Maddie Whitney
  • Percussion Ensemble: Marshall Jones, Noah Coddington, Braylon Epps, Felix Stiehl  
  • Kai Wen Soo - Violin Solo
  • Nathan Chen - Piano Solo
  • Layla Nelson - Flute Solo
  • Luis Tercero - Bassoon Solo
  • Lucy Gase - Clarinet Solo
  • Peter Oetting - Clarinet Solo 
  • Tyler Henderson - Trombone Solo
  • Noah Coddington - Marimba Solo
  • Noah Coddington - Timpani Solo
  • Marshall Jones - Snare Drum Solo
  • Felix Stiehl - Snare Drum Solo 
  • Flute Trio: Layla Nelson, Meredith Dockins, Josephine Livingston 
  • Clarinet Trio: Jessica Yu, Ufuoma Egon, Madilynn Timmer 
  • Saxophone Trio: Elisha-Daniel Agbor, Miranda Grantham, Hayden Nelson 
  • Saxophone Trio: Zachary Scott, Cameryn Hines, Lauren Strickland 
  • French Horn Trio: Baylee Asher, Brian Lisec, Erik Mason
  • Trombone Trio: Tyler Henderson, James Price, Jonas Moore
  • String Bass Duet: Lander Thompson and Jacob O'Toole

Ky Hascall, Director of Bands
Suzannah Smith, Orchestra Director


Park Hill South High School

  • Alexander Hornsby, Trumpet
  • Avery Swanson, Keyboard Mallet
  • Braden Rouse, Keyboard Mallet
  • Connor Thompson, Trumpet
  • Gavin Miller, Tuba
  • Jaelyn Woodley, Soprano Clarinet
  • Kara Fitzpatrick, Flute
  • Katelyn Gimple, Trumpet
  • Layla Stone, Euphonium
  • Lenore Quick, Keyboard Mallet
  • Noah Floyd, Soprano Clarinet
  • Sophia Greenlease, Keyboard Mallet
  • Sophia Osterhaus, Soprano Clarinet
  • Sylvia Nguyen, Flute
  • Flute Trio: Kara Fitzpatrick, Sylvia Nguyen, Bea Olasz
  • Mixed Brass Quintet: William Heflin, Jacob Hicks, Alexander Hornsby, Lawson Mardis, Weston Peters
  • Mixed Woodwind Trio: Noah Floyd, Sylvia Nguyen, Claire Richardson
  • August Sturm, Baritone Sax
  • Bea Olasz, Flute
  • Evan Kizilarmut, Piano
  • Evelyn Miller, French Horn
  • Jacob Hicks, Tuba
  • Kara Fitzpatrick, Alto Sax
  • Lauren Redding, French Horn
  • Lucille Elwell, French Horn
  • Paige Randel, French Horn
  • Sophie Groves, Trombone
  • Amelia Mesa, French Horn

Andrew Gillespie, Band Director

LEAD students are listed with their home school.

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