Fighting Vaping

Fighting the Health Risks Associated with Teen Vaping
This is the image for the news article titled Fighting the Health Risks Associated with Teen VapingVaping is a dangerous smoking trend that threatens our students' health. We've prohibited it in our parent-student handbook, and we're working to help make our families aware of the risks surrounding these e-cig devices. See below for our webinar and resources about fighting vaping.

These battery-powered devices release a vapor when the user heats up the liquid, and this liquid contains substances such as nicotine or THC. Teens have easy access to these devices, and we're seeing increased numbers of our students vaping. These smoking devices can be just as bad as or worse for their health than traditional methods, and we want to make sure our families are prepared to talk to students about the issue. Please see our resources below, and watch our “Park Hill in Depth” with local experts and some of our high school students to find out more.  

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