Frequently Asked Questions

We are also answering questions directly on Park Hill Listens.

Why does Park Hill need to redistrict all of its schools?
Answer: In preparation for the opening of Hopewell Elementary and Walden Middle School for the 2019-2020 school year, and in order to balance our very different high school enrollments, we will be redistricting all of our attendance boundaries, from elementary through high school.

Q: How will the committee decide where to draw the boundaries?
A: The committee will follow the criteria the Board of Education set for redistricting. 

Q: How will the committee decide what to recommend to the Board?
A: Over the course of the committee’s meetings, it will . . .
  • Use initial public feedback and board-approved criteria to create multiple scenarios for attendance areas.
  • Consolidate similar scenarios.
  • Send their ideas to the demographer to provide data for each scenario.
  • Evaluate the data about the scenarios in order to refine some scenarios and eliminate others.
  • Present the remaining scenarios to the public for feedback at public meetings and online.
  • Use the community feedback and the Board’s criteria to reevaluate the scenarios and identify the best scenario.
  • Take the final scenario to the Board for its decision.

Q: How do I let the district know what I think?
A: You can share input both online and during a meeting for public input. We will host an open house meeting on Nov. 29 for the public to review the scenarios, ask questions and give feedback. The meeting is from 5:30 to 8 p.m. at Plaza Middle School. The committee will use this feedback to refine its ideas and select a final recommendation to the Board.

Q: When will we found out the final decision?
A: The Board is scheduled to vote on redistricting at its Dec. 13 meeting. We received feedback from parents and staff that they needed to know the new boundaries before February in order to be able to plan for next year. This is why the timeline calls for the Board to make this decision in December.

Q: I heard the new school boundaries are already finalized, and you're going to split my neighborhood/bus my child a long distance past a closer school. Is that true?
A: No. We truly have not made any decisions yet, and the committee will be the first to start laying out ideas about possible attendance areas over the course of the fall. Our Board is scheduled to vote on the new boundaries on Dec. 13.

Q: Will any students be redistricted out of the Park Hill School District?
A: No. Park Hill students living within Park Hill's boundaries will remain Park Hill students.

Q: Are some of the schools better than others?
A: The Park Hill schools are particularly well set-up to make sure that a student who moves between our schools has a good experience, both educationally and personally.

Our schools have a very consistent curriculum, approach to teaching, and resources at each location. We have the same level of rigor, and we have the same high quality of teachers at each of our schools. As a result of this consistency, our student growth is strong at every school in Park Hill. This is why our families love their schools, but it is also why families who move between schools find they have very smooth transitions and love the new schools as well.

Q: Do larger or richer neighborhoods have more say in the outcome than smaller or less affluent neighborhoods?
A: Everyone has a say in the redistricting process. There are people on the committee from all over the district and from all backgrounds, and the committee will consider feedback from everyone who participates in the public meetings or shares their thoughts in our online engagement tool.

Q: Could my child be redistricted to go to the LEAD Innovation Studio?
A: No. The LEAD Innovation Studio is an optional high school program. It offers personalized, project-based learning with hands-on professional experiences for all kinds of students from all over the district who decide to enroll. More information about the LEAD Innovation Studio.

Q: Will students be allowed to stay at their current schools if they get redistricted?
A: In the last few redistrictings, when we opened elementary schools, the Board allowed fifth graders to be “grandfathered” and remain at their current schools, although their siblings could not stay and their families had to provide transportation. After the Board decides about the attendance areas, it will consider how to handle requests to grandfather students.

Q: How will you help students who move to new schools with the transition? 
A: The principals of each school will reach out to new students to make sure they feel welcome and comfortable at their new schools.

Q: How will you help current seventh graders who will experience several transitions? 
A: At the end of this process, some current seventh graders might experience four transitions in four years, including regular transitions and the redistricting. We are working to make this process as smooth as we can. Their new principals will reach out to them to make sure they feel welcome and comfortable at their new schools. They will go through these changes alongside many of their friends.

Q: Do we have a location for the 12th elementary school (the next one on the long-range plan after Hopewell)? 
A: No. We do not know where the 12th elementary will go. Once we have enough enrollment, we will move forward with this part of the enrollment-based, long-range facility plan.