School Bus Information

The Park Hill School District contracts with First Student to provide our school bus services.  Contact First Student for all your bus concerns and questions, such as routing, discipline issues, stop locations, stop times and delays. 

2019-2020 Bus Routes

In order to make sure that all students, families and bus drivers can safely learn the bus routes, we will not make any major changes to the bus routes during the first two weeks of school.

Bus route information is available through your parent portal.

Other questions
Kay at First Student:
816-359-4560, ext. 2

Other contacts
Route Information:
Customer Service:
Telephone: 816-359-4560

Requests for Transportation Services on an Alternate Route
Please note, each student is assigned a bus route to and from his/her verified primary address of residency.

To request a permanent change to your child/children’s bus route(s), please use the alternate route application. 

2019-2020 alternate route application

All approved alternate route requests expire at the end of each school year. A new request is required for each summer school session and every subsequent school year. No alternate route requests carry over to the next school session.

Transportation Pamphlet (PDF)