Distance Learning

District's general information on COVID-19

We will be doing distance learning during the time our schools are canceled for the COVID-19.


  • Elementary
    Elementary students will complete lessons each day from home, which they will find on our website. Kindergarten through second grade will have low-tech, paper-and-pencil options, so they won’t have to have a computer to complete assignments. Third through fifth grades will have some low-tech options and some options that will require access to the Park Hill portal and Schoology.

    Distance learning for elementary parents


Our fifth through 12th graders take home laptops regularly, and we provided hotspots to students who did not already have internet access at home. Third and fourth graders use laptops in the classroom, and we sent those home, just in case. We will work with families in these grades to see if anyone needs internet access. Students in kindergarten through second grade will have lessons that do not need a computer to complete. We will work with students with special needs on a case-by-case basis to see how we can best meet their needs during a closure

Tech support:

Our technology department has several support resources to help students and their families access the internet, our Schoology tool and our Parent Portal. They also have guidance for using and caring for laptops at home.

Technology resources for distance learning


We are providing Grab & Go meals at several locations throughout the district during the distance learning days. These meals are free, reduced-price or paid, depending on the students’ eligibility.