Title II

The purpose of Title II, Part A is to increase the academic achievement of all students by helping schools and districts improve teacher and principal quality.  Title IIA allows districts the flexibility to address challenges in areas like teacher preparation and qualifications of new teachers, recruitment and hiring, induction, professional development, and retention.  In addition, Title IIA funds may be used to improve the skills and knowledge of principals for effective school leadership. As with any activity that the Park Hill School District provides for public school teachers, activities supported with Title II, Part A funds that benefit private school teachers must meet the requirements of the statute.  For example, activities to be carried out for private school personnel must be secular in nature and based on a review of scientifically based research and must be expected to improve student academic achievement. Requested activities should be:
  • Directly linked to improved student learning
  • Directly linked to the building school improvement plan
  • Supported by building leadership and a school-wide initiative

Requested activities must provide high-quality, evidence based, personalized professional development for teachers, instructional leadership teams, principals, or other school leaders focused on improving teaching, student learning and achievement and include one or more of the following criteria:

  • Content knowledge related to standards and classroom instruction
  • Instructional strategies and/or classroom management skills
  • Effectively integrate technology into curricula and instruction
  • Use data to improve student achievement and understand how to ensure individual student privacy is protected
  • Effectively engage, parents, families, and community partners, and coordinate services between school and community
  • Help all students develop the skills essential for learning readiness and academic success
  • Increase the ability of teachers to effectively teach children with disabilities, including children with significant cognitive disabilities, and ELs

Eligible Schools

Non-public schools that are within the Park hill School District boundaries are eligible for Title II A funds through Park Hill.  Eligibility is based upon the school's address, not the address of any given student within the non-public school.